1515 E, Market Street, New Albany in 47150


The shortest trip to Mexico you'll ever take

Chef Israel Landin

Delicias de México

Our history

Our history is very interesting and informative sterted as a dream and passion to cook led us clown the path of sterting in a smoll taco stand on Chaslestown Roaol New Albany Indiane  in 2005.


After log hours, perserverance, and hard work 13 years later. Im the proud owner and chef of an authetic Mexican Restaurant cooking authentic mexican dishes

Our mission

Our mission is to bring to the table flavor, originality and Culture of México in the dishes that are prepased by chef Israel. With this creativity each dish was a master piece

Our vision

Chef Israel has a commitment to bring authentic Mexican cuisine from different regions of México, with his knowledge of his heritage and experience in the food industry.


Chef Israel has studied in different parts of México and specializes in Mexican cuisine from different areas of México we like to offert our customers the experiance to take the shores trip to México your ever take

Our products

Specialize in authenic gourmet mexican from differnt regions of mexico, as well mexican drinks such as wine, margaritas, horchas, jarritos with great appitizers, desserts, there is also grift certificates that you buy for a special event, birthday ect.


1515 E, Market Street, New Albany in 47150